Detecting a plumbing problem early with the use of CCTV drain inspections is always better than having to deal with a major emergency because you didn’t realise you had a drainage problem. Of course there are some sure fire ways to know you have some kind of problem with your plumbing including slow running drains, foul odours & changes in the toilet flush.  But some problems that can cause you major issues aren’t so easy to diagnose and can remain undetected until they cause a major plumbing emergency.

The best way to avoid plumbing emergencies is to schedule regular CCTV drain inspections to detect these problems early.  A CCTV Drain Inspection can detect many common causes of blocked drains and other plumbing hassles, including collapsed, fractured & broken segments of drains, tree roots and pipe intrusion. The solutions for these problems are quite different depending on whether you pick the problem up early compared to if you leave it untreated.

CCTV Drain Inspections are the best for early detection of blocked drains

Signs that you might have a blocked drain include gurgling sounds as you flush the toilet or empty water from the basin, bad smells coming from your sinks or water levels in the toilet significantly lower than usual. This is a sign that you should call your plumber immediately.  When caught early, a plumber can usually fix it fairly easily using a high pressure jetter or another easy method. Of course, if left untreated you could be looking at an expensive excavation & possibly a plumber having to remove and replace the affected pipes. It’s always best to have it looked at straight away.


Early detection of root damage to pipes

Another cause of blocked drains – especially in Australia is root damage to pipes. This is especially true in summer where tree roots are hungry to find water.  This can cause significant damage to your drainage systems.  A small root, left undetected, can quickly become a mass of hair like roots that catches debris and builds and almost impenetrable barrier that restricts water flow.  If caught early a plumber can use a high pressure jetter to clear the line of the roots and suggest preventative measures to stop roots entering again.   If root intrusion is left undetected you could be looking at extensive excavations in order to replace sections of your plumbing & drainage.

Leaking drains can cause structural damage.

When drains leak, they can often compromise structural stability. It’s not uncommon to excavate a damaged section of drain to find little, to no surrounding soil. As sure as water can escape, it can also enter the drain and it will often take with it the support material that is responsible primarily for supporting the pipe itself, but also the surrounding infrastructure, like footings, piers, columns and other load baring structural components of buildings.
Regular CCTV drain inspections inspect the pipes for any abnormalities or fractures and a plumber can take measures to fix them straight away. This could be a simple pipe relining process or replacing a section of pipe. If left undetected you could be looking at thousands of dollars in water and structural damage to your property, potentially resulting in having to replace large sections of your drainage system, or even rebuilding elements of your property in order to reinstate it’s structural integrity.

It’s best to play it safe and have a plumber come and do a regular drain inspection, where a plumber can pinpoint the exact location of the problem, and save you a lot of money in repairs.

Early detection of plumbing problems can save you a whole lot of money, time and heartache. The best way to detect problems early is with a scheduled CCTV Drain Inspection with Drain Medics.  We can inspect the full line of drainage and if there are any problems detected we can suggest the best way to fix them immediately. And you avoid the inconvenience of a major plumbing emergency. Many of our customers are shocked when they see the blockages and buildup after years of foreign objects or grease building up in the pipes.

By scheduling regular drain inspections you can have peace of mind that your drainage is in full working order and there’ll be no nasty surprises.