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A blocked Drain can be both unpleasant and structurally disruptive.

No one likes the thought, nor the experience of having to put up with blocked drains. In both a domestic and commercial scenarios, there are few instances that cause more grief to residents, tenants, landlords and customers.

As unpleasant as blockages are, there is also the risk of the structural damage that a blocked drain can cause. In many scenarios, blocked drains are caused by:

  • Dislocated joints and collars in earthenware pipes
  • Tree root intrusion
  • Ground movement
  • Structural movement
  • Ground settlement and inadequate support
  • Poorly backfilled pipes

See here an example of a broken earthenware collar allowing infiltration

See here how tree roots have entered the drain through the collar.

Drain Medics are blocked drain experts. With a full repertoire of CIPP Pipe Inspectioncamera’s and equipment and modern drain clearing devices such as high pressure water jets, they are able to acutely locate trouble areas, determine the cause and provide a solution. Here is the process that Drain Medics typically approaches when called to a blocked drain:

  1. Gain access to the drain that has the blockage.
  2. Insert a CCTV drain camera into the drain. If the drain is badly blocked, sometimes it has to be partially cleared before it can be inspected via camera.
  3. Locate and take a video recording of the problem.
  4. Assess the damage.
  5. Strategise a solution.
  6. If possible, clear the blockage with a high pressure water jet.
  7. Provide client with options, moving forward.

If a blocked drain has tree roots in the system, they will return at some stage. The only way to keep that drain clear is to by either routinely clearing the drain, excavate and replace the drain, or reline the pipe using CIPP pipe relining. Drain medics will deliver solutions, according to every specific scenario, so rest assure when you’re dealing with Drain Medics, you’re in safe hands.

Give Drain Medics a call next time you have a blocked drain.


”Steve and the Drain Medics team are true professionals. Our recurring blocked drains are always attended to before it gets nasty !”

Tom Kilby

”The Drain Medics team have saved our school a lot of grief on many occasions. They’re prompt and professional”

Katherine Rodes

“We’ve been using Drain Medics for all of our drain maintenance for the last 6 years. The provide a reliable, expert service time again.”

Michael, Noosa Shire Council

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