CCTV Pipe Inspections

CCTV Pipe Inspections provide an accurate report on a drains integrity…from the inside.

CCTV Pipe Inspections eliminate the assumption that the condition of your pipes, or drains are okay. Tree root damage, ground movement, and many other variables often leave drains ruptured and compromised. By carrying out an CCTV pipe inspection, you are able to see the damage that is being caused and you can even locate the trouble areas. This is a huge advantage for routine maintenance, or establishing a method of permanent repair.

Because drains and pipes come in different sizes, in order to carry out a credible survey Drain Medics employs multiple types of CCTV pipe inspection cameras.
For smaller diameter drains, Drain Medics uses push cameras. A push camera typically suits drains and pipes that range anywhere from 40mm, up to 150mm. This type of CCTV Pipe Inspection involves the operator pushing the camera, via an opening in the drain. A few of the main advantages of a push-in-place camera system are:

  • Smaller diameter, household drains are very ofter easily accessed, through fixtures such as; inspection openings, toilets, sanitary stacks, vents, gullies and even sometimes laundry and kitchen tubs.
  • It is a very fast process, enabling the operator to make a swift diagnosis.
  • Push-in-place cameras negotiate bends in pipes and drains with relative ease.
  • Reporting via WinCan

Drain Medics uses CCTV Pipe Inspection push camera’s to survey drains from 40mm – 150mm diameter

Larger drains require a larger camera system for CCTV Pipe Inspections. Typically, with the smaller push-in-place style camera’s, the camera will lay on the base of the drain, however in a larger service, this doesn’t provide an accurate report.
Larger diameter CCTV Pipe inspections are carried out with a tractor camera, which as it’s name suggests is a camera with wheels attached. The unit is controlled remotely by the operator and the advanced ‘pan and tilt’ rotating camera head allows 360 degrees of the drain to be surveyed. The advantages of using a tractor camera for CCTV Pipe Inspections are:

  • 360 degree rotational visibility in the drain.
  • Manually controlled via remote.
  • 4WD control on the camera itself allows the camera to manoeuvre in and out of awkward scenarios.
  • Adjustable settings allow the camera to position itself in the centre of drains from 100mm and up.
  • Reporting Via WinCan

Drain Medics uses the Rovion camera from IPEK for large diameter CCTV Pipe Inspections

Here’s a video of the IPEK Rovion in action

Carrying out CCTV Pipe Inspections is a highly technical task and Drain Medics places a lot of influence on making sure that all of their technicians are highly trained and fully equipped with up-to-date knowledge of council compliancy and regulations.

Using WINCAN software, Drain Medics can generate compliant reports, including Build Over Sewer (BOS), built over stormwater, CCTV pipe survey, building surveyors and certifiers.

If you’re looking for a reliable company to carry out your CCTV Pipe Inspections, look no further than Drain Medics.

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