Pipe Surveys, Inspections and Certification:

Don’t simply assume the condition of your pipes are okay. Tree root damage, ground movement, and many other variables often leave drains ruptured and compromised.

CCTV pipe inspections of all types. Drain Medics uses push cameras for pipes 40-150mm in diameter and tractor cameras with pan tilt-lens for pipes 100mm in diameter and larger. We can quickly identify root impacted, collapsed, bellied or disjoined drain lines with our advanced equipment.

Our inspectors are fully equipped with up-to-date knowledge of council compliancy and regulations. Using WINCAN software we can generate compliant reports, including Build Over Sewer (BOS), built over stormwater, CCTV pipe survey, building surveyors and certifiers.


We truly are blocked drain experts. The combination of our years of experience, together with our state of the art equipment allows us to locate and repair damaged/leaking pipes with minimal disruption to gardens, driveways, patios, potentially saving thousands of dollars and tons of grief.

Leaking drains = structural damage:

Leaking drains can not only be the source of bad smell, it can also be the cause of structural damage. As water seeps out of drains, it can loosen foundations and unsettle footings and supporting structure. Often the supporting material, surrounding the drain can get sucked into the drain itself which leaved the drain and any structure around it unsupported.


This is highly recommended for drains with a history of problems, including leakages and blockages, as a preventative measure to avoid major costs incurred at a later date. The old saying “prevention is better than cure” certainly applies in this scenario, maintained drains should provide you with peace of mind that you won’t be faced with any nasty drainage problems in the future. Our maintenance program comes with a strong service guarantee.

Drain Cleaning:

High pressure water jetter’s deliver a highly effective method of ‘clearing’ and ‘cleaning’ drains. They are small enough to manoeuvre around site and they operate at extremely high pressures which is responsible for removing obstacles like tree roots, grease, soil and other foreign matter that may have become lodged in the drain.

Root X:

We use a product called Root X, a herbicide inhibitor used to reduce root growth and the subsequent damage those roots may be causing. Treating pipes with Root X not only kills all the roots on contact, it also leaves a thin layer of the herbicide on the pipe walls to prevent roots from returning. Root X treatments used in conjunction with mechanical root cutting provides a longer lasting, more sustainable solution to recurring blockages and drain maintenance.


”Steve and the Drain Medics team are true professionals. Our recurring blocked drains are always attended to before it gets nasty !”

Tom Kilby

”The Drain Medics team have saved our school a lot of grief on many occasions. They’re prompt and professional”

Katherine Rodes

“We’ve been using Drain Medics for all of our drain maintenance for the last 6 years. The provide a reliable, expert service time again.”

Michael, Noosa Shire Council

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