Drain Medics have been performing CCTV drain Inspections on the Sunshine Coast for many years and lately have really started to make a name for themselves.

Recently, Drain Medics was engaged by JR Keiths Plumbing, who are the Hydraulic contractors for Bovis – Lendlease to survey the the sewer and stormwater drainage systems at The Sunshine Coast University Hospital which is a testament to the outstanding quality of work, brilliant track record and the high level of experience that the team carries.
Drain Medics carries the latest equipment to carry out CCTV Drain Inspections. This enables them to survey drains from as small as 40mm, right up to drains and easements of over 1200mm in diameter. This is one of the reasons why large organisations, such as Lendlease choose to use Drain Medics for their CCTV drain inspections.



This is an image os a clay pipe that has been subjected to multiple fractures.

One of the feature benefits of Drain Medics, CCTV Drain Inspections is the WinCan reporting software. WinCan provides a superb analysis of pipe conditions, including things like:

  • structural integrity
  • fracture points
  • compression points (areas of pipe that may be subject to excess load)
  • lateral connections
  • infiltration points
  • damage location
  • obstruction diagnosis

WinCan allows Drain Medics to provide a digital recording of the CCTV drain Inspections for the clients records which is paramount when dealing with decision makers and management hierarchy.

If you’re in the need for CCTV Drain Inspections, give Drain Medics a call for an over the phone consultation.