The maintenance and management of underground assets can be a challenge for many local councils.  In both rapidly developing and older communities data can be limited or become out of date quickly, meaning that authorities and developers could be relying on old or partial maps of their underground assets when making important decisions regarding developments. The reliable management of data including accurate location information helps local councils when planning and development aspects of their community as well as planning maintenance actions and reducing their overall costs. 

To gain accurate information on the location and condition of underground assets such as sewers and drainage systems, local councils in Southeast Queensland utilise the services of companies such as Drain Medics to perform underground asset surveys. These surveys are conducted using sophisticated CCTV Camera technology that can map out the exact location of drains, sewers & pipes without having to excavate. Forward thinking councils are building these surveys into their regular maintenance procedures so they can provide the the most up to date and accurate information in regards to the plumbing systems and underground assets of their community.  


Locating Underground Assets with an Underground Asset Survey

Local councils can reduce the uncertainty of old or outdated utility maps by using CCTV camera inspections to locate & map the exact location of existing pipes and underground services by accurately locating the depth, location & routes of those pipes. Using the latest CCTV drain camera and location technologies, Drain Medics are able to provide accurate surveys and also service location with extreme accuracy. Detailed maps can then be compiled from these underground surveys providing local councils with accurate data that they can use for community development and planning.


Reducing the costs involved with excavating

CCTV drain surveys provide the most accurate results for councils, while reducing the cost and inconvenience of expensive excavations. It is just not possible or practical for local councils to conduct regular surveys of assets through the community by excavating and physically inspecting each section of the drainage system. The cost involved, not to mention the inconvenience to the local community would be astronomical.  But by using drain camera technology to conduct a regular underground asset survey, local councils are both saving money and providing the community with the most accurate and up to date information while minimising any disruption to local residents. In fact, in most cases, residents will not even be aware that these underground surveys are even taking place.

 Underground Asset Surveys enable effective planning & design

Southeast Queensland has always been a popular place for local housing developments. As such, councils have a responsibility to plan developments that add value to the community and align with their long term plans for the community.  This is exactly why these councils rely heavily on underground asset surveys to not only protect their existing assets during times of developments, but also to measure the impact that these new developments will have on their existing systems and infrastructure. Developments can be a costly exercise with tight budgets, and the last thing they can’t afford is a budget blowout because they were relying on old or inaccurate data. An underground asset survey, conducted with the most up to date drain camera technology lowers this risk by providing pinpoint accuracy of any drainage assets that could be disturbed by the development work.

Eliminate potential service interruptions and damage to third party utilities

It is compulsory before conducting any digging or excavation that you do your due diligence and gather information on any third party utilities that may be damaged by your excavation.  If this data is outdated or of low quality then there is a risk of possible service interruption because of damage to an underground assets such as a drain or sewer. This can cause major headaches for councils and frustration for local residents. Accurate and up to date data means they can be absolutely sure where important assets lie, and can limit the impact of any development or restorative maintenance on those underground assets. 

Underground asset surveys not only give more accurate results than ever before, but decrease the costs involved with excavations, and reduce any disruptions and inconvenience to local residents. They are becoming an important part of the maintenance programs and development plans for local councils throughout Southeast Queensland and for that matter, right across Australia. Also, by using the latest in underground pipe location technology Drain Medics partners with these local councils to provide a complete underground asset survey and mapping service. Contact Drain Medics today to talk to one of their expert technicians on how your local council can benefit from an underground asset survey.