Local Councils in Queensland are using sewer camera inspections to pinpoint the cause of blocked drains rather than just treating the initial symptoms. Because let’s face it – a blocked drain can be a real pain. But having to deal with it over and over and over again because you didn’t take the time to solve the cause of the problem – that’s a nightmare! Determining the cause of a blocked drain means that councils can apply a permanent and long-term solution so residents don’t continue to be affected by the symptoms of blocked drains.


The cause of a blocked drain could be anything from a foreign object becoming stuck in a pipe or something more problematic like tree roots taking hold of a section of drainage. Each of these problems requires a different solution to permanently fix it. Which is where Drain Medics gets involved by providing a sewer camera inspections to reveal the exact cause and location of the problem, and suggest the best way to resolve the blockage so it doesn’t reoccur. 

There are three common causes of blocked drains that Queensland councils have to deal with.

Foreign Objects or Debris

One of the most common causes of blocked drains are foreign objects getting stuck in the drain or a build up of materials such as rubble, toys & dead animals. A closer inspection using a CCTV drain camera can reveal the problems culprit. We’ve seen some amazing things come out of drains but the most common cause of blockages are tree root intrusion, pipe collapse and foreign matter becoming wedged.

Initially these kind of things may not cause any problems at all. But over time they will cause other items to collect and can lead to major problems. These kinds of blockages are often the easiest to fix. Local councils who perform regular maintenance of sewers and drainage using drain cameras can often detect a potential blockage, before it occurs. Then, with the aid of high pressure water jets, they are able to remove the blockage before it backs up.

Heavy Rain or Storms

Heavy rain and storms can also take it’s toll on local councils drainage. Drains can become blocked during storms with excess leaves and dirt being washed into the drains. This can be dangerous and can lead to flooding because stormwater drains are not designed to deal with this kind of volume of water. A drain camera inspection can reveal locations of potential blockages so that it can be cleared quickly and effectively to avoid any major hassles in the community when there is a storm.

Sewer Camera Inspections are used to pinpoint tree roots in drains

A major cause of blocked drains in Australia is tree roots. This is especially true in the summer months when trees are searching for a water source. Once a tree root has found its way into a pipe, it’s very hard to permanently remove it. Using a CCTV drain Camera to locate the exact point of intrusion allows authorities and our local councils perform regular periodic maintenance on the service, or alternatively apply a permanent repair like replacement, or pipe relining. Needless to say, a permanent solution is rarely achievable without accurate diagnosis. 

Without the use of a CCTV Drain Inspection you might never know the exact cause of the problem. Which means you could end up applying a solution that is not necessarily right for the job. More to the point, without a proper drain survey, it’s impossible to tell if a repair, or a replacement is satisfactory.

Without correct diagnosis, resources and tax payers money could potentially be wasted. For example, there is no point replacing a section of pipe that is simply blocked by a foreign object. Drain Medics works with a number of Queensland councils to determine the cause of blocked drains and offer permanent and lasting solutions for the benefit of the community.

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