Local councils, like anyone else, work with limited resource. And as taxpayers – we want to see our local councils using our hard earned money in the best possible way!  This is applicable even when it comes to the drainage systems in our local areas. By using drain surveys, local councils in the Gold Coast are finding that they are saving thousands of tax payer dollars when it comes to the maintenance & development of their drainage systems.

Drain Surveys are a highly technical task, and when carried out by one of our expertly skilled operators, it can save local councils time and money compared to old, more expensive ways of exploratory dig ups and surveys. 

Local Councils are Preventing Expensive Plumbing Emergencies with early detection

When a plumbing problem remains undetected it can lead to pretty serious and costly repairs. Not to mention unsightly excavations that become a major inconvenience to local residents. That’s why local Gold Coast councils are using Drain Surveys to pick up problems early so they don’t lead to these emergency situations. Because CCTV Drain Inspections can navigate drainage systems quickly and easily – even in the tightest of spaces – they are the perfect solution to prevent expensive plumbing emergencies for local councils.  Instead of spending money on reactionary measures in a plumbing emergency, local councils are implementing maintenance programs to pick up drainage problems early – saving them (and taxpayers) time and money.


Drain Surveys are a Quick & Easy Solution – no costly labour

CCTV Drain Inspections are the quick and easy way to solve many drain problems including blocked drains and cracked pipes.  The process is fast and enables the operator to make a swift diagnosis of the problem, which in turn means a quicker fix to the problem. They are not only solving problems quicker, they are picking up potential problems before they arise. This is a massive cost saving for authorities and local councils who can put the money saved in to better programs in their local area.

Drain Inspections can identify the exact location and depth of the problem, which prevents costly digups

Sewer diagrams are an important asset for local councils as they diagram the exact location of the underground assets in the community. But over time, these sewer diagrams can become degraded which means that dig ups become less accurate and possibly more costly as further excavation is needed.  Our Ridgid Navitrack II can pinpoint defects seen in Drain Surveys prior to excavation. It can also locate buried chambers, septic tanks and interceptor traps which are useful for working out the depths of a system at a certain point.  So when a problem is detected we know exactly where to start digging. 

Drain Surveys lead to Accurate Decisions and Long Term Results

By using a Drain Survey to determine the exact cause of the blockage, local councils can make accurate decisions for long term solutions rather than just applying quick fixes. Technicians can give councils the best available solutions to any problems that the camera may pick up because they are expertly trained with up-to-date knowledge of council compliance and regulation.  

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