Are Drain Camera Inspections Only Needed In A Plumbing Emergency?

Not many of us even give a thought to our plumbing systems until something goes wrong like a blocked drain or a leaking pipe.  And by the time you find out there’s a problem it costs you far more time, money and hassle than you anticipated.  Maybe this is why a lot of people assume a drain camera inspection is only used in a plumbing emergency. Although we do see a lot of blocked and leaking drains in our travels, there are also many other types of inspections that we carry out that don’t involve emergency situations.

Drain Medics works with many local councils and authorities in South East Queensland performing regular periodical CCTV camera inspections to map out pipe systems, comply with building regulations and maintain drainage systems. 

There are several reasons our customers ask us to complete a CCTV Camera Inspection:

Drain Camera Inspections are a Construction Requirement

sewer-diagram-288x300If you’re involved in any type of construction whether residential or commercial, you may be asked by your council to provide them with a BOS (Build Over Sewer or Built Over Stormwater) CCTV pipe inspection. ‘Build overs’ are becoming more and more common these days with changes to infrastructure, developments and residential land being subdivided.  Queensland council’s require these drain inspections both before & after the work is carried out to make sure the structural integrity of the pipes haven’t been compromised during any construction.

Mapping Your Pipe Systems with a Drain Camera Inspections

Many facilities here in Brisbane have complex pipe systems that over time, have been reconfigured, added to, or modified in some way. If these changes haven’t been documented or there is no single source of complete piping information, this can lead to some pretty major problems. In this case, we’ll use a drain camera inspection to map the drainage system and determine things like flow variables, sewer depths, bend angles, the condition of pipes as well as the location of inlets, outlets and access chambers.  This gives them a complete overview of their drainage system and helps to determine & maintain the integrity of the system.

Avoid Emergencies with a Regular Drain Camera Inspection

hqdefaultWe find that no matter how well your drains are maintained at some point they are bound to loose integrity. Things like ground settling, structural movement, corrosion, damage from tree roots, or just general wear, will all take its toll over time.

From our experience there is no doubt that scheduling a regular CCTV inspection has prevented many unwanted plumbing emergencies for our customers.  And by detecting problems early we can suggest the best possible solution for you, rather than having to react quickly when it becomes an emergency. We also find that our customers can budget in this kind of preventative maintenance, rather than being hit with an unexpected bill after an emergency.

So, whether you’re renovating, needing to stay compliant with local councils and authorities, or just want to avoid any unexpected plumbing emergencies – Call on Drain Medics to take care of your drain camera inspections.

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