Companies like Drain Medics are becoming an important ally to local councils, who are using Drain Camera Inspections to protect community drainage assets and save tax payers money.

Local councils in South East QLD have a responsibility to provide adequate drainage services to the residents in their community.  For many years local councils and authorities have been using a method called ‘statistical sampling’ to assess the condition of their drainage network and underground assets.  This involves surveying a small section of the drainage system and, based on what was found, estimating the condition of the remainder of the network. Up until recently, this was the widely recognised method used by councils to make decisions and allocate resources accordingly.  


 Councils are benefiting from this new technology in a number of ways:

Drain Camera Inspections are Lowering Costs

Councils who use CCTV Camera Inspections are lowering their costs when it comes to preserving the local communities drainage assets.  When relying on statistical sampling, they really had no accurate way to assess the condition of pipes and drains without expensive dig ups. And the only way they were alerted to a problem in the drainage network is when something major went wrong, like a burst or cracked pipe.  Local councils are now using Drain Camera Inspections as a preventative measure, assessing the drains from the inside and being alerted to possible problem areas before they become a major disaster.

Developing Maintenance Programs

With the use of CCTV Cameras, councils in South East QLD are starting to develop maintenance programs for their drainage network systems. Instead of relying on statistical sampling, they are using CCTV Cameras to assess drainage assets. And armed with this information they are implementing scheduled maintenance for possible problem areas. Because Drain Camera Inspections can pick up potential problems early, councils are able to fix these problem spots before they become major emergencies that cause residents inconvenience, and not to mention – money.

Improving Drainage Network Performance

With rapid development and rising resident numbers in South East QLD, council drainage assets also need to be upgraded to keep up with the development.  CCTV Camera Inspections are being used by councils to assess the load on the system and make informed decisions for improvements to the network.  Residents in these local government areas are seeing lower disruptions, inconveniences and risk of accidents because of drainage failures.  

Allocating Resource Based on Informed Decisions

Local Councils, as with any authority, have a limited amount of resource to work with. And tax payers hate nothing more than when they see their hard earned money wasted or used ineffectively. The councils we work with are able to make better, more informed, decisions because they have accurate information from Drain Camera Inspections. They are providing residents with accurate roadmaps on the condition of underground assets and their plans for improvement.  And budgets and resources are now able to be allocated accurately based on the information they receive from the CCTV Camera Inspections we perform.


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