Your drains are in safe hands with Drain Medics Tractor Camera’s


This is Drain Medics IPEK Rovion, CCTV Tractor Camera. A tractor camera like this is typically used in drains from 150mm in diameter and up.

Drain Medics tractor camera has a carriage set up that enables the camera head to remain in the centre of the drain, regardless of its size. It truly is an awesome piece of equipment and it’s only one of a collection of advanced tools that are used daily in, at Drain Medics.

Tractor cameras serve many purposes and are mostly used in scenarios where a detailed report is required. Tractor camera’s have an all wheel drive functionality that enabled them to traverse through some very compromising scenarios, however one of the key features is their ability to conduct a 360 degree survey the internal diameter of a drain with it’s rotating pan and tilt camera head. When a tractor camera is set up correctly and centred in the middle of the drain, the pan and tilt head delivers highly accurate reports and valuable feedback to the client.

For more information about Drain Medics Tractor Camera systems and applications, you can contact us at any time on the number at the top of the page. Also, if you’re not sure, pick up the phone because not asking the question can often be a costly mistake.

Watch Drain Medics IPEK Rovion Tractor Camera in action here.