CCTV Drain inspections are not only used for locating the source of blocked drains, they’re also used for blocked drain prevention

Drain Medics collaborates with many local councils and authorities in South East Queensland to provide compliance reports and perform larger scale jobs. Using Tractor Camera’s when working with local authorities, allows us greater flexibility in large scale works.

Tractor cameras provide many benefits when working on larger scale jobs like the ability to maneuver in larger pipes, providing detailed video for compiling compliance reports as well as the usual benefits of CCTV Inspections – minimal disruption and no excavation solutions.

Check out these reasons why local councils and authorities are turning to Drain Medics to perform Tractor Camera Inspections.



Tractor Cameras are adaptable

Tractor cameras are modular so they can easily be adjusted to fit any pipe diameter. Typically any drain with a diameter of 150mm and up can be surveyed by one of our tractor camera’s.

Having a camera mounted on a tractor designed to crawl inside pipes allows the unit to collect images and, or video footage of the entire service. Pan and tilt technology allows the camera to rotate 360 degrees, as well as forward and backward. The survey delivers a complete report, outlining detailed characteristics of the service under review.

This allows local Councils, businesses and other authorities to accurately assess the state of their services with little disruption, while outlining potential risks that can be remedied before they become an impending problem.


A Tractor Camera can be used in ‘large scale’ applications

Hospitals, Shopping Centers, Schools, Eateries, Food Courts and Restaurants heavily depend on drainage services operating optimally. Regular, preventative maintenance of drainage and pipe systems not only reduce the risk of chaos unfolding, they also provide a detailed report, which can be used to measure the services integrity over time.
A CCTV Camera Inspection offers piece of mind in making sure that potential operation risks are mediated as much as possible.

In the past, they would have had to wait for something major to go wrong before they realised there was a problem with their plumbing. By performing regular CCTV Inspections, they no longer have to be reactive to problems with plumbing, but instead can respond to issues before they escalate into major problems – All while carrying on business as usual.


A Tractor Camera is a preventative solution

Local councils are using tractor camera surveys to assess the drainage and sewage systems of their community to provide reports and recommendations for keeping those underground assets in good working order. In the past local councils could not give an accurate assessment of plumbing systems because this required large dig ups and excavations. Recommendations were typically based on guess work and estimations based on previous case studies.

By partnering with companies like Drain Medics, authorities can now perform thorough CCTV inspections on their drainage systems. With little effort, they can easily ascertain the state of underground pipes and implement regular & routine maintenance systems to keep pipes and drainage in good condition for the community.


A Tractor Camera can provide detailed compliance reports

With the aid of +WINCAN software, images and video can be compiled, so they can be used for various compliance requirements and reports. Drain Medics performs and prepares different compliance reports for local councils & other authorities including Build Over Sewer (BOS) and Build over Storm water reports, CCTV Pipe Surveys and other reports required by local councils.


For efficient survey of drains and pipes of all sizes, a Drain Medics Tractor Camera Survey is an outstanding solution.

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