If you have ever experienced the dread of having surcharging drainage in your home or office, chances are the problem could well return. Blocked drains happen all over the place, however for the purpose of this article, we’re going to focus on Brisbane because quite frankly we receive way too many emergency calls in Brisbane that could have been fixed before the problem got out of hand with the use of a CCTV drain inspection.

Reputable drain maintenance company’s in Brisbane ‘should’ always advise you when your drain’s due to be serviced again in order to address the issue before it arises. By scheduling in a periodic drain inspection, using a CCTV Drain Camera, you reduce the risk of the problem recurring and you also reduce the risk of any further damage occurring to the property’s drains which can deteriorate, if not addressed. Once that happens, the only way to fix it is to excavate, or re-line which can be a very expensive and messy scenario. 

CCTV Drain Camera’s are preventing damage to Brisbane properties

sewer-inspection-300x202A Drain Camera is a non-invasive way to have your drains checked with little damage to your property and very little disruption to business
. In the past, inspecting pipes for blockages and leaks was a tedious, destructive & often costly process. It would take several people to dig and inspect the pipes before the problem was found. Today, this task can be done by one person, often without having to excavate at all.

The CCTV cameras used in a drain inspection are small enough to fit into most domestic drains. The camera head is inserted into pipes via various applications and the picture is viewed on a monitor. This brings into view the cause of the blockage, or leak, without digging all over the place to physically inspect the pipes. This prevent’s unnecessary damage to your garden and landscaping.

A drain inspection can be done without causing damage to pipes that are still working perfectly. Sometimes in the course of digging, pipes are exposed and if the job is not finished in a single day, they remain vulnerable to the elements and they also present an hazard. Moreover, CCTV cameras for this purpose are customised to easily fit into drain inspection openings (known as IO’s) and move around freely inside. Using this device will not cause any damage to the pipes and allows the cause of the blockage or leak to be pinpointed and located with absolute accuracy.

cctv1Additionally, a Drain Inspection will not cause interruption to your daily activities
. For businesses & commercial customers, this is very important considering that interruptions to your operations would mean an interruption in productivity and potential loss of income. However, by contracting a reputable drain expert that operate in the Brisbane area to perform a CCTV Drain Camera Inspection, you can continue with business as normal, regardless of the work that’s being carried out. I know in the case of Drain Medics, residents, or occupants rarely notice that there is even an inspection going on. 

If you live in Brisbane and you have a history of drain problems at your residence, give Drain Medics a call. A quick and simple drain inspection could save you a lot of grief.