Blocked bathroom wastes, clogged sinks and surcharging toilets are common problems in homes and business establishments.

These conditions can be a huge cause of inconvenience, not to mention a health hazard. Finding the cause of the problem can be difficult because pipes are mostly concealed or buried underground and checking for leaks and blockages can be a challenging task. If, however you live in the Sunshine Coast Area, there is solution to your problem. Drain Medics CCTV drain inspections Sunshine Coast is here to help you solve drain issues. They use the latest technology in CCTV drain cameras to remedy drain issues.

img_1541-224x300Using this method of finding the cause of drain problems in your home or office makes it fast and easy for you to fix defective drains. Aside from being a cost-effective and quick remedy to your drain worries, there are many other benefits from using the services of Drain Medics CCTV drain inspection Sunshine Coast. 

  • No dig solution. Traditionally, people have to dig deep and long to find the defects in their drain pipes. This process is not only difficult and time consuming but it also destroys the topography of your yard. Damage can be worse when the drain passes under your garden, since it means you have to dig up your precious plants as well. With drain camera Sunshine Coast, you can use a CCTV drain camera to see the condition of your drain pipes without turning any amount of soil. All you need do is call Drain medics, your CCTV drain inspection specialists on the Sunshine Coast and sit back and relax.
  • Minimal downtime. Locating a defect in your drain manually can take time to yield results. With a CCTV camera, you can have results within a few minutes of inspection. The device will give you images of the area causing the problem, pinpointing exactly where to do repairs.
  • Lower costs. Hiring a team of excavators can be both costly, time consuming, radically inconvenient and ridgid-minipak-kit-with-reel-300x280environmentally damaging. By hiring Drain Medics to perform a CCTV drain inspection in your home on the Sunshine Coast, you won’t need a huge team and because they can see the problem, sourcing parts is a breeze. 
  • Accuracy. With a camera to guide them, technicians can see exactly what is wrong. With traditional methods, the task is drawn out as it’s a case of trial and error until the issue is located. Accuracy results in a fast and effective result for your home or business. 
  • Reporting. Reports of the survey can be recorded and saved for immediate verification, or later perusal by owners of the property, or by a council or other authorities if need be. Through the report, the cost of repairs can be estimated for accurately.


Avoid delays and high costs when having your drain cleaned and repaired. Use Drain Medics CCTV drain inspection Sunshine Coast to have the most accurate, quickest, and cost effective identification of areas to be repaired.


For CCTV drain inspections Sunshine Coast call Drain Medics on 0419 636 015.